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Welcome to Discoveryland Angwin!

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Reading Room & Book Center

This cozy nook provides a comfortable area for individual and small-group story time. Teachers set up books that coincide with the children’s current interests, encouraging them to develop a love of reading.

Manipulative Center

In this center children use matching and sorting games, puzzles, and small activities to master fine motor skills and finger dexterity, important in writing and math.

Dramatic Play Center

Provides all the space and tools for a great make-believe playtime. Kids will find a play kitchen, a dress-up wardrobe, and a variety of other objects to stimulate their imaginations and start developing life skills.

Science Center

Provides tools to help kids explore the natural world. A light table lets them examine small objects in detail, and a variety of supplies and activity kits help them safely participate in simple science experiments set up by teachers.

Art Center

Freestyle painting and coloring is encouraged at all times of the day in this area, which is stocked with paints, paper, crayons, craft supplies, and easels. Here children get to experiment with a variety of media, and—most importantly—creative self-expression.

Sensory Center

A bin containing a variety of tactile materials such as water, sand, flour, rice, and cornmeal, and play dough. Children experience a variety of textures while learning to pour, mix, measure, mix, mash, and knead.

Writing Center

Children create words and letters using a variety of media, including pens, crayons, paper and scissors, stamps, and glitter.

Block Center

Using blocks in small construction projects, children learn to build, work with space, solve problems, and work with others while developing their design creativity and work skills.


Kids interact in nature and develop their green thumbs in this highly productive garden. Plants include sunflowers, snapdragons, lavender, strawberries, artichokes, sweet peas, kale, lettuce, carrots, and squash.

Motor Pool & Parking Lot

A fleet of tricycles and wagons provides fun and spatial learning.


This squishy area provides a safe place where kids can jump and bounce.

Tree Fort

Built up on a sturdy oak tree, this climbing platform features a giant slide and a swing.


This play area lets kids get dirty and play with their hands, learning manipulative skills and just having a good time. Includes a working antique water pump for use in building sand castles.

Jungle Gym

This play set provides more advanced climbers with a place to monkey around, and includes a classic tire swing.